Proven leadership | Tireless advocate

Dave testifying at a Minnesota Senate Committee hearing on the wild rice sulfate issue in St. Paul (3/27/18)


Jobs and Environment

Mining and environmental stewardship can co-exist. We can have both. Family-sustaining  jobs are our bread and butter and the mining industry is our economic engine. We need to build from our strengths by supporting our natural resource economy and encouraging technology, innovation, and diversification to create new opportunities. I will advocate for and create high-quality jobs while protecting our environment. 

Healthy Rural Communities

From Virginia to Twig, we need a strong and courageous voice for our region. Whether it is investing in education for our kids, affordable healthcare for all, making sure we have high speed internet access, or prioritizing our seniors and retirees, it is about having the right person who knows the region in St. Paul carrying our message forward with passion and conviction.

Proven Leadership

Mayor of Aurora

President, RAMS
(Range Area Municipalities & Schools)

Vice Chair, Laurentian Chamber of Commerce

Board Member, Jobs for Minnesotans

Former Aurora City Councilor (14 years)

3rd Generation Iron Ranger