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Congressman Rick Nolan Endorses Dave Lislegard

AURORA — Eighth District Congressman (D-Minn.) is endorsing Dave Lislegard for the Minnesota House of Representatives 6B seat. In endorsing Lislegard Nolan stated "Dave is one of the most remarkably seasoned and experienced Range officials I've ever worked with who understands how our economy works and is deeply committed to our way of life. That’s the type of leadership we need in St. Paul.”

Nolan and Lislegard have often worked side by side for the last six years on the issues impacting the Iron Range at both the federal and statewide level. Nolan tapped Lislegard to unite business, labor and community leaders in support of tariffs to defend against steel trade cheater nations and to help get iron prices up and people back to work. Lislegard's efforts recently extended to advocating for Nolan's bipartisan legislation for the PolyMet land exchange and fighting for the region’s continued voice in the DFL party by defeating Resolution 54 in 2017.

“What the House 6B region needs is a leader with courage and unwavering determination. I’ve been involved in politics my whole life at all different levels, and from the first moment I met Dave Lislegard, I knew he had something in him that very few have,” Nolan said. “His belief in the people and the history of his region is undeniable."

A lifelong Iron Ranger, Lislegard currently serves as the mayor of Aurora after sitting on the city council for 14 years. He is the president of the Range Association of Municipalities and Schools and an active member of Jobs for Minnesotans.

In those roles, he has fought tirelessly for the region to build healthy communities, attract good-paying jobs and invest in the future of the Iron Range through education. As a community leader and advocate, he’s testified on numerous pieces of legislation at the State Capitol and led regional efforts to build bipartisan support in Congress on issues impacting Northeastern Minnesota.

“His passion and commitment to the people of the Iron Range for quality education, senior and veterans services, strong communities and jobs for the next generation of men, women and children are real. It’s not for political gain,” Nolan said. “That is leadership you want representing you. Life experiences help shape us and prepare us for opportunity. In politics, to live the issues, helps us to truly understand the solutions.”

Nolan is a former Minnesota state representative and six-term Congressman from the Cuyuna Range.

“It’s an honor to be endorsed by Congressman Nolan, a man who exemplifies what true leadership means,” Lislegard said. “He has the courage to stand strong and fight for what is right. His ability to work across the aisle and getting things done is something that we need more of,” he said. “Congressman Nolan’s leadership has taught me to put people before politics.”

Since announcing his candidacy on April 29, Lislegard has been endorsed by the Iron Range Building and Construction Trades, Iron Range Mayors, the United Steelworkers District 11 and the Union of Painters & Allied Trades District Council 82.